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Sprinting Aids

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

At Loki sports we offer an array and ever growing selection of sprint and athlete training aids. We know that every athlete needs help to progress to that next level and our training aids are the perfect tools to develop the skills and muscle memory needed to be the best version of yourself.

We have broken our sprinting aids down into two categories: 1) warm up and activation and 2) Training aids.

Warm up and activation:

The warm up and activation proportion of training is seen by most coaches as being as important as the programmed running session.

During the warm up you are mobilising and stretching to allow the muscle contract as needed. This is aided by activation exercises that develop the desired firing pattern of a muscle group. We at Loki sports have multiple aids that can be used for these activities.

  • Our first product that we would like to showcase is our roller mobility set. This set retails at only €25. The set contains a foam roller with sealable caps ends that allow you to store all your pre session essentials, a peanut ball and a trigger ball. The peanut and trigger ball are produced from dense silicone to allow for the desired pressure to be applied. Foam rollers and trigger balls are essential as they can be used to massage any tight areas to allow movement during your training session.

  • Our second product in our warm up and activation section is our step hurdles. The step hurdles are made out of hardened PVC and are available in four sizes, 6", 9", 12" and 18". These hurdles can be used to aid in running technique and plyometric movements for adults and can be used as hurdles for children. The variety of drills that can be performed is endless. Have a look at the youtube video linked for some ideas .

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