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Home Workout for athletes

Hi folks.

John Shields from Loki Sports here.

Hopefully you are all well and keeping safe. We are living in strange times with things we did so freely, now not allowed. Nevertheless we still need to keep up the fitness that we have gained over the winter. We can still train within the guidelines that the HSE have set out for our own and everybody else’s safety. It is possible to improvise and train well. I suggest that you can do a running session on your own at least 2 times per week within 2 km of your home, on an open grass space, and do gym/strength sessions at home on another 2 days.

I have composed a generic training plan with most detail based around gym/strength exercises that can be completed at home with limited or no equipment. In the coming days we will release additional information around running based sessions. The extra time at home we have been given can be used to address those niggly injuries that we have been dealing with over the years. It is a great time to get stronger physically and mentally.

Give these strength exercises below a go and tag us with your efforts on:

Instagram: @lokisports

We will be uploading videos of the more difficult exercises on our social channels over the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled.

A typical week could look like this.

Day 1: Warm up at home. Run for 10min. Do 2 x 3 sprint efforts (between 80m - 200m) with 5 mins recovery between. Warm down at home.

Day 2: Do GYM at home - see the GYM exercises below. Choose 2 from each category. Do CORE to finish off.

Day 3: Rest & Regeneration.

Day 4: Warm up at home. Do 4 x short sprints to start (between 40m and 80m). Then do reps of 100m - 150m with 5-6min recovery. Warm down at home.

Day 5: Do GYM at home. Choose from the list below. Do at least 5 exercises concentrating on the lower body exercises. Do CORE to finish.

That is 4 days training if you want to do more you can do one extra day running.

It is most important that you all observe the regulations on social distancing while training.

This will keep you fit and ready to go when we all resume training and racing.

Exercises that can be performed without a GYM

A. Upper body Push Exercises

1. Chest Focused Press Up Variations

• Press Ups

• Incline Press Ups

• Decline Press Ups

• Band Resisted Push Ups

• Dumbbell Press Ups

2. Triceps Focused Press Up Variations

• Narrow Grip Press Ups

• Narrow Grip Incline Press Ups

• Decline Narrow Grip Press Ups

• Band Resisted Narrow Grip Press Ups

3. Dip Variations

• Bench Dips

• Bench Dips with feet elevated

• Parallel Dips

• Backpack Weighted Parallel Dips

B. Lower Body Exercises

1. Quad-Dominant lower body Exercises

• Bodyweight Squats

• Med Ball Squats

• Walking Lunges

• Reverse Lunge

• Split Squats

• Rear Leg Elevated Split Squats

• Single Leg Squats

• Pistol Squats

• Sissy Squats

2. Hamstring-Dominant Exercises

• Single Leg RDL

• Hamstring Walkouts

• Hamstring Leg Curls

• Resistance Band Deadlifts or RDLs

• Nordic Curl

• Band Resisted Nordic Curl

• Sliding Hamstring Curl

• Straight Legged Bridge

• Reverse Hyperextensions

3. Calf Exercises

• Single Leg Calf Raise on the Stairs

4. Abdominal Exercises​-​CORE

Do 10-20 per exercise

• Crunches​​​​​​Sit Ups

• Oblique Crunches​​​​​Ab Roll-out with Med Ball

• V Ups​​​​​​ Jack Knives

• Isometric Single Leg Holds​​​Seated Straight Leg Raises

• Candlestick with Leg Extensions​​​Russian Twists​​

• Lying Leg Raises​​​​​Heel Taps

• Plank Circuit – change every 15 secs – to 2 mins

John Shields 2-4-2020

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