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The Prowler sled is the perfect piece of equipment for an intense workout to improve on your conditioning whilst simultaneously building and defining muscle. The Prowler is ideal for use by athletes across a wide range of sport and also for the everyday person trying to stay fit and active. The Prowler is ideal because the amount of weight added can be varied to tailor for any and all fitness levels. The sled is designed to be pushed or pulled along to help workout different muscles throughout the body, mainly in the legs such as the glutes, hamstrings and calves, and also across the arms and chest all whilst strengthening the core.



Olympic Size Includes straps for pulling



Push and Pull exercises

Suitable for all fitness levels

Full-body strengthening and excellent cardio

Dimensions: Height: 44inch Length: 33.5inch Width: 31.5inch


  • Use with Olympic or Standards plates, vest and leash are included.


    Can be used on track/grass/astro turf.


    The sled weighs 4.5 kilos, width 15" and length 20".


    The leash is 10 ft long.

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