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Nelco Indoor throwing hammer. Produced from high quality rubber and a rope handle.


Introducing the Nelco Indoor Throwing Hammer – precision engineering for unparalleled performance in indoor track and field competitions. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this throwing hammer is designed to meet the needs of serious athletes and enthusiasts alike.


Key Features:


Premium Materials: The Nelco Indoor Throwing Hammer is constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The combination of robust steel and a well-balanced design provides optimal weight distribution for controlled and accurate throws.


Indoor-Friendly Design: Engineered specifically for indoor use, this throwing hammer features a design that minimizes the risk of damage to indoor surfaces. The carefully crafted construction ensures a smooth and controlled rotation, making it suitable for training and competitions held in confined spaces.


Optimal Weight Distribution: The weight distribution of the throwing hammer is strategically balanced to provide athletes with the perfect blend of power and control. This design allows for consistent throws, aiding athletes in achieving their best performances during competitions.


Enhanced Grip: The handle of the Nelco Throwing Hammer is designed with an ergonomic grip, promoting a comfortable and secure hold. This feature enables athletes to maintain better control during spins and releases, reducing the risk of slippage.


Versatility: Suitable for athletes of all skill levels, the Nelco Indoor Throwing Hammer is ideal for both beginners and seasoned competitors. Whether you are honing your skills or aiming for podium finishes, this throwing hammer is designed to elevate your performance.


Compliance with Regulations: Rest easy knowing that the Nelco Indoor Throwing Hammer adheres to all relevant regulations and standards set by governing bodies. Compete with confidence, knowing that your equipment meets the required specifications.

Invest in excellence with the Nelco Indoor Throwing Hammer – your trusted companion for indoor track and field success. Unleash your full potential and set new records with this meticulously crafted throwing hammer.


These soft training hammers have a non toxic rubber head and are ideal for teaching hammer throwing techniques indoors. The indoor hammer is available in 1kg, 2kg, 3kgand 4kg weights.




Indoor throwing hammer

  • International standard competition hammer

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